RP Rewards

Good RP (what to do)

  • Acting in-character (alignment, personality, etc)
  • Unique, detailed descriptions
    • Personalized items
    • New spells
    • Signature combat maneuvers

Bad RP (what not to do)

  • Meta-game thinking: Characters acting on knowledge that would not have (but their players do)
    • A personal pet-peeve of mine, and generally why I try to restrict player knowledge to character knowledge
    • Metagaming can destroy the roleplay illusion when, for example, the whole party suddenly knows secret information entrusted to one of the characters
  • Stretching the rules of feasibility
    • We ARE in a fantasy setting, however there are guidelines on what can happen in our reality
    • This often comes up when someone gets a little overzealous in their action descriptions:
      “I grab a scroll from my pack, read it, fire an arrow from my bow, climb the ladder
      and run back down the tunnel."

      – That’s a great description, but more than one could do in a standard action
    • Also note the difference between roleplay and dictating events:
      “I find a hole in his defenses and plunge my sword into his heart” – Wrong
      “I concentrate and try to strike at his heart” – Good, but may increase the difficulty

Fate Dice

  • A pool of up to FOUR dice (d6)
  • Fate dice are earned for good rp, good tactics, helping another PC, playing in character, etc
  • Fate dice can be added to any d20 roll, but MUST be rolled before the d20
  • You may choose to add one or all of your accumulated dice
  • Fate dice can “explode”: Rolling a 6 means you roll again and add the result
  • For attack rolls, the bonus from fate dice CANNOT cause an attack to crit that otherwise would not have
    • However the bonus CAN prevent a natural 1 from being a critical fumble
  • Suggested uses:
    • Attack rolls that just have to hit
    • Life or death situations
    • Saving Throws
    • Skill checks with high penalties and/or high DC
  • It is possible to earn Fate dice from a daring move in which you used Fate dice – it might be worth it!

Other rewards

Some amount of XP may be awarded for general good roleplaying and/or Journals.
This is likely in a session that is mostly roleplay and has little combat.

RP Rewards

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