I know everyone has busy schedules so I am not going to require journal entries if you don’t have time. I do recommend that everyone write an entry after every session if you can. These can benefit you, the other players, the group as a whole and myself.

You only need to write a few lines in two sections:

In-character Section

Just like a journal, written in-character describing the character’s perspective on the events of the last session. This will come together into a nice record of our campaign, and also a chance to see the character’s thoughts on things going on around them.

Out of Character Section

This is a chance to give some feedback about the game. You can write:

  • Constructive criticism of the campaign / my GM style
  • Comment on good bits of strategy or roleplaying from other players (positive only when speaking about other players, please)
  • Requests for things to come:
    • It can be difficult to express your heart’s desire in-character
    • Here is where you can ask for a chance to get a certain item, expand your character in a certain way or have the opportunity to explore your character’s back story
    • I cannot guarantee requests made here will be granted
    • Even if they are granted, what you want is probably not going to simply fall out of the sky
    • Rather, a unique opportunity might present itself to you at some point


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