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About your characters (adventurers)

Your characters are special. They are unique, powerful and extraordinary. The fact is that ordinary people in the world just don’t become adventurers, they stay home where it’s safe. Beyond being whatever race and class you are, I will strive to make your character unique and exceptional to you. I encourage developing new spells and abilities (or at least new flavors to the standard ones,) roleplaying cool maneuvers and really getting into character. Keep in mind however, that your characters are not the ONLY unique and powerful creatures in the world, nor does the world revolve around them. Things are happening in other places than where your characters are, and not everyone will like or even know of them.

Starting level

Characters will start at ECL 2 (effective character level 2). This means you can be level 2 in your chosen class, multiclass level 1/1, or an ECL+1 race and level 1.

A note on RACES:

  • In my world humans are the most common race and are most likely to be accepted in most places.
  • Other PHB races are a bit less common but are still seen fairly regularly outside of their own lands.
  • I will consider ECL+1 or ECL+0 races outside the PHB, but it requires my approval to see if its balanced (there are some way overpowered races out there). Also note nonstandard races may not have very favorable reactions with most people.

A note on CLASSES:

  • I believe in less restrictions on multiclassing. Everyone has “Favored Class: any” as a racial trait (see the human traits in the PHB). In place of this trait, humans have “Status”: human characters start out at an elevated rank/social standing.

Determining Hitpoints

  • Everyone gets maximum hitpoints at 1st level (hitdie + con modifier)
  • Every level thereafter you will roll for hitpoints, but you may re-roll if you get under half your hitdie
    • ie a fighter rolling a d10 may reroll on a 4 or lower


  • Everyone has a background – these will initially be known only to you and myself; please do not discuss them before we start.
  • The background is up to you, but if you like we can work together to come up with something. * You need to tell me who you character was, where they lived, what they did.
  • You must also pick a mentor: this can be a parent, master, superior, instructor, etc whom you had some sort of apprenticeship under.
  • You have all decided to take up the life of an adventurer, your background should conclude with your reasoning behind this.
    • Some ideas are to seek fame & fortune, to hone your skills, to acquire worldly knowledge, to spread the holy word, to find a lost friend, etc. This does not need to be too specific but you need some kind of drive.

Character Sheets

Please use an online character sheet to build your character and send me a link.
My favorite is CarpeDM
Note that you have to finish and make your character public on there before anyone can view it.
If you also want to set up one here on Obsidian you can, but I think the carpeDM ones are more well done.


As hinted at in the intro, magic has become fairly rare in Suldaire. There are no restrictions on magical classes that characters can start as, but that is because your characters are special. Finding a teacher to pick up a casting class may take some work. Also as noted before, magic item creation has become something of a lost art. You may not start with any magic item creation feats except for Scribe Scroll or Brew Potion. Also you may not start with any magic items. This is not the type of campaign where every town and village has a magic vendor; but don’t worry – magic items are out there! Magical items just have to be found, quested for or awarded for great deeds.
More info in About the Land of Suldaire

Ability Scores

  • We will be using a 28-point buy system.
  • For details and examples on how this works, look here: Point Buy System
  • You can also spend points on or gain points from:

Perks and Flaws


  • oblivious
  • color-blind
  • easily recognizable (scar, unusual appearance)
  • clumsy
  • poor eyesight / blind
  • poor hearing / deaf
  • unlucky*
  • paranoid
  • Code of Honor
  • Delusion, Compulsion, Obsession, Hatred, Intolerance
  • Overconfident
  • obsessive-compulsive
  • klepto
  • absent minded
  • trouble magnet
  • Missing ear/eye/nose/hand/foot/leg/arm [permanent/cannot be restored by normal magical means]
  • deep sleeper
  • other (dm approved)


  • keen sense (hearing, long distance vision, touch, etc)
  • intuition
  • premonition
  • problem-solver
  • quick reactions
  • lucky*
  • smooth talker
  • ear for languages
  • eye for symbols
  • good balance
  • light sleeper
  • ambidextrous (as the feat)
  • fearless
  • resources (extra starting gold / non-magic equipment)
  • other (dm approved)

The above are not required, but are encouraged: they add flavor and uniqueness to characters.
The perks and flaws can generally have a severity of 1 to 3 points:
For example 1 point in clumsy you might drop something once in while, 3 points clumsy you can hardly walk without tripping over your feet.
You cannot have more than +/- 5 points from the perks and flaws, and you cannot have more than 3 total (whichever is more limiting).

Character Creation

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