Land of Suldaire

Freedom for the orcs, village, and myself

Ahhhh, it feels good to finally be free. Now that I am not bound to help these people, I can go find out who/what is after me and who killed my father. But these fellow warriors are very strong, I will stay with them. Perhaps one day we will find out whats going on.

Also, being bathed and getting out of those torn clothes is a great relief. I did not realize the condition of my gear until I took it off. It seems that the bulkyness of the current armor is getting to me. Perhaps I can get the town smithy to break it down into a more free and easy flowing gear. And…. well….. I did steal these clothes from Hadeon…. but they are a tad loud for my tastes. I wont be able to exactly blend in anyway. Perhaps it will grow on me.

Back to Hadeon… Somehow that bastard escaped, but at least slewing his beasts has seemed to let my powers grow even more. I am tapping more into my mind, and my strength is growing. And I have discovered a hidden ability within my fathers blade. What else did you put into it father? I may have to search out another one of our kind to expand my own powers, and its.

Pillage and Plunder

After defeating Hadeon we explored our way into a cave with two rooms. I found an invisible key chain, why it is permanently invisible was not apparent until we discovered at least one door it went to. In addition to this, Khord finally got some new clothes and we found some interesting trinkets and magic items. Amongst a whole room full of other mundane items and coin.

(listed is what we found, If I missed something Khord please feel free to post in addition to this.)
Found torn up letters
Wooden Rod with word “Ixnir lo”
42 gold
Wand of something
Permanant invible keyring.
Pile of leather
Light Shield with lion
2 pearl laden daggers magic
Leather Armor magic
Green carved figurine (owl)
two rods leather wrapped one red one yellow
Holy Symbol Necklace (Trent)
Spiked Gauntlet
Silver Arrows 10
Chain Shirt
22 normal arrows
1311 copper
273 silver
146 gold
Masterwork Falchion, black.
Gnarly Boots
Silver Lamp
Plundered stuff to return to towns people.

Finally we got out of this cave, Khord was beginning to smell really bad. We traveled a ways to a river to make camp. While foraging Caidren mentioned he saw some Ranger signals indicating they needed him or some such. We will guide him to town, but I fear soon enough he will be off with his Kin.

_Narrator's Log_
Hadeon's defeat

The party stands staring at the blood-spattered patch of floor where the Illusionist known as Hadeon was recently lying. Sharn adjusts his armor uncomfortably; Caidren jams his crossbow to the ground in temper, then starts reloading it out of ingrained habit. Around you the corpses of the summoned demons crumble to ash; those that fled lose their tie to this plane and burst into blue flame, thrashing and screaming. Around you, various illusions begin fading away: the tile floor in the western passage you came in from fades to rough stone, the elaborate table setting fading to a simple wooden plank.
The large chamber you are currently in seems to have fewer illusions than elsewhere on this level – the towering columns and tall stand lamps appear to be real, as are the floor tiles and the raised parquet dais (though perhaps some illusory embellishments were made). You also notice a 10’ wide passage in the north-east corner of the chamber, winding northward with irregular bends.

Trent: looks around tensely for a few moments, then seems to relax some.
“Anyone see where he went?”
Carsys: looks around curiously as the illusions begin to fade.
“He just disappeared! What was his purpose to all of this?” She asks aloud to her companions. As she speaks, eyeing the dissipating illusions, she walks to Midnight and gives him a big hug around the neck. “I am glad for you little one, you fought well. Soon we can hunt together and find you a large boar or an elk. I know you must be longing for some fresh meat." After a short look around the room (not moving from midnight) she asks him, "Do you smell him still, little one?”
Khord: jogs over to the group, shrinking down in size.
“Oh he disappeared, darn. I was hopping to pay him back for making me blind. Oh well. Perhaps one of you magic folk check out where that portal was?”
After glancing around for a moment, Khord moves towards the passage to the north-east, trying and failing to be stealthy.
Carsys: “Come Midnight.” Carsys gently says to Midnight as she moves toward the center of the room. “I do not know much about Arcane magic, but I will attempt to discern this area”.
She examines the stone dais in the center of the room for a few moments then speaks softly to Midnight who trots over to the new passage where Khord is investigating.
“I think it is time to examine these bone disks” she says as she glances toward Khord motioning to his scabbard, “I am attempting read magic on this parchment and these disks, if you don’t mind I would like to take a closer look at your scabbard.”
Khord: takes off his pack and unties the rug from it. He unrolls it and throws the scarbard at Carsys as quickly as he can.
“That thing is cursed. I dont like it.” He also undoes the monocle from around his neck and tosses it to Carsys as well, “Here, this could help you focus some.”
Sharn:Cracks his neck and stretches, then winces. Unfastening some plates on his armor, he limps over to Trent, asking for some assistance in bandaging the many slashes, bite marks and burns across his body.
Caidren: “Well, I’ll not be sad to put this festering place behind me”.
Slamming a set of bolts home into his crossbow, Fain ratchets up the tension and shoulders the weapon, darting after Khord up the northern passage.

While Midnight stands guard at the entrance, Khord and Caidren move up the passage to the north, quickly disappearing into the shadows. Trent takes a moment to help Sharn with bandaging his wounds, then follows the others down the passage.

Carsys: She and Midnight pursue the party up the passageway. As Carsys moves with midnight she straps the scabbard to her back in hopes to later learn the language and inscription on the clasp of the scabbard while at the same time putting the pouch of necromantic bones away.
“I can only assume these are evil in nature so I will not experiment further with them.”
She then quietly takes her position beside Midnight in pursuit of the rest of the party.
Khord: holds up his hand.
“stop guys… we got two… interesting doors up ahead. Perhaps Caidren would be better suited for this. I am not going to bust down these doors.”
Carsys: When Carsys sees the command to stop she silently commands her companion to stop by her side and stay on guard. “What is it?” She asks, as she listens to the conversation. “We could always knock and see if anyone is home. It is just a thought of curtousy.” She giggles quietly.
Caidren: slips quietly up the passage, after making sure the female is safely installed between Trent and the rest of the party. Slipping through the rest of the party the way he slips through a wooded valley, he arrives at the front of the party before it even registers with some of them. “So what do you think I can do about these doors?”

The northern passage is 10’ wide rough stone and is unlit, unlike the large chamber you were just in. As the darkness closes around you, Trent’s holy symbol begins glowing brightly illuminating the passage around you. There are doors on either side of you, the passage continues further on and seems to slope upwards.
The left-hand door looks sturdy: thick iron-strapped wood and a complex-looking lock built into the door under the handle. The right hand door looks lighter, however where a knob or handle would normally be is attached a metal hand with fingers outstretched.

Khord: points to the two doors “Well Caidren, you seem to be better with mechanics than I am.”
Carsys: motions Midnight to take a defensive position beside her “Midnight and I will take guard behind you two” She grins mischievously. “Go, knock on the door!” Carsys says, as she points to the sturdier looking door. “If we have to fight it would be best we surprise them and be ready.” She unclasps her Cudgel and gets ready for a battle.
Caidren mutters about never claiming great aptitude with mechanics. However he shrugs, hitches his crossbow on his shoulder, steps forward and knocks decisively on the sturdier door.

Nothing happens.

Caidren: “Maybe nobody’s home?”

Goals and Ambitions.

As Carsys sits against a pedestal in the room gently petting Midnight behind the ear humming a tune to him she writes

This is the second time I have written today. I am contemplating my future and the future with these companions of mine. Midnight seems to enjoy their company. However, he doesn’t like the idea of being BATHED! I recall one of the boys mentioning a bath.

I am planning on staying with these gentlemen for a long as the can use me. I don’t want that to get in the way of my goals though. Before I met these guys I heard stories of some of the wildlife population dwindling down. I fear poachers are about, but it may be something more sinister than that. I must take the time and find out who or what is causing the local wildlife to go missing without a trace.

Maybe Caidren will know something about this area and the missing wildlife. I will have to ask him some time. Perhaps he would be willing to help me, I know the others aren’t as attuned to nature as he and I, so I won’t bring it up to them until I am certain.

At any rate, I should get back with my companions and maybe find some clue as to what Hadeon was up to.

Encounter of the Illusionist

We encountered the illusionist tonight. I can’t say I am too thrilled with the outcome of of the amount of time it took to hunt him down. He escaped right before our eyes. I can’t say that I have ever seen anything like it. My master taught me about Teleportation magics, but never have I encountered any.

I believe he Teleported away because he weas not there, no form no mass nothing. I have seen him disappear before, but now I am convinced that was just him playing tricks on our minds.

One day we will find him and serve justice for what he has done. I think I will stay with this group after we leave the cave. While I have not been with them for very long. I do believe I can trust them. Caidren is a kindred spirit and I think I can trust him. Khord, makes me laugh he is a big brute and some day he will charge on command. I can’t wait.

The others I am not sure about, but I have a deep respect for The Cleric, Trent. He and I share a similar connection to our Gods. And as such I can feel his power when he focuses it through his Holy Symbol.

It turns out this place was full of this Mad mans illusions. But they did not fool me. Midnight on the other hand is a different story. Poor pup, he thought he could just steal a chicken off that table. Unfortunately for Khord ( if memory serves) was fooled into believing a Multi-Eyed creature was attacking us. I had to “Fix” his perception with a nice, albeit, gentle smack to the head.

I think he finally got the picture as the little boy did not fool him one bit. And, I am pleased to say, Midnight was less than fooled too! Good boy!

At any rate, I hope we can find this Illusionist again, he has some questions to answer and, more importantly Midnight wants a piece of him!

I will write later.

Getting tired of this place
Khord's Mental log

Well i did it. I finally told the group what I am and how I came into being. Marcus seems to be the most interested, though being a well learned magewarrior, I dont blame him. I had more of an issue with our female companion than most anyone else. She believes that we are all the products of gods. But what of the vile orcs she wants to slew, what of the evil creatures of the world? Gods must have created those too. As I told her, I do not want any part of the gods, I have seen what creatures like me can do. I will refuse to see any more like me forced into that role again……

On another note, I am beginning to reak, being locked up for a few days in that cell, slewing orcs, and now almost being eaten by a few odd slimy creatures…. I hope the town has some sort of bath house.

That scabbard I found… I do not trust. I tempted to reach for my blade in battle, and all I drew was the scabbard. Perhaps the town’s mage, if they have one, would know more of what this thing does. Until then, it will stay within that carpet I am hauling around.

I know the others want to keep this Illusionist alive, but I am getting close to my last nerve…. I dont think that this creature needs a foot or a hand… perhaps a leg……

A Night in the Chaos (Trent)

Dear Gavin,
We’ve taken a break, so I thought I’d write a quick note, incase I die down here. This place is a maze, created by a chaotic and evil mind. I thought the orc caverns above were bad, but seriously, the half-orc who seems to be in charge as even my mind going in circles. We’ve managed to navigate most of his maze, and hopefully we are on the right track to finally find him. I don’t believe he has escaped us, but being a master of illusion, who knows.

We have managed to rescue a young woman from the clutches of the orc chief and she is with us now. Certain members of the party don’t trust her, thinking she is a plant by our nemesis, or even our nemesis in disguise. Very absurd. I am surprised Sharn, our paladin hasn’t stepped forward to say he senses no evil (or does sense evil) in her. I personally don’t think she is who they think she is, however should they attempt to leave her behind tomorrow, or worse I may have to step in and use a little subterfuge to allay their fears.

Have no fear, I am not slipping back into my ways of the past. At least not yet. In the meantime, they mean well, and I do trust them, and hope I have earned their trust. I hope on our rising we can find the deceiver who’s illusions and demons haunt these corridors. Then, perhaps we can send the orcs packing to a new area, and return this area to safety.
I will write more later, and hope that with the dawn, the Morning Lord will provide a means of proving this young lady’s innocence so we can get back to the task we came to do.

Trent Valikor

Trust, not easily earned (Carsys)

While adventuring with this group of…Misfits, I have come to trust them. The Cleric I tend to trust more, if only for his connection to his God. He shares similar beliefs as I have. The others are more; interesting. Khord and I discussed where we come from, we learned a lot about him today. He was apparently created or bred for a singular purpose…Battle. While I must say he handles his sword well. I fear his upbringing has lead him down a dangerous path. He fails to see that he was created by the Gods. Like all living things.

All things considered, I think I can trust him. we may not see eye to on on things Divine, but he hasn’t turned his blade to me and that earns my respect. On another note, we openly questioned the woman and even discerned she is not magical she has no magic with her and the Cleric did not sense any evil intent about her. At this point my mind is put at ease in respect to her. I just hope we can get out of this cave soon so I can see the stars again and rest in a bed of leaves under a great tree. I would like to smell the sweet scent of the forest once again. This Orc filth is getting to me.

Getting out of this cave will be good for Midnight too, he and I could run together. Maybe hunt a deer together. I am sure he is longing for some fresh meat. It will be good to be out of here once again.

Unnerving Illusionists (Marcus)

Upon killing Grimbolt, our group managed to find itself one more person larger, with the hostage he was holding. I’m having my doubts as to this person though; more on this later.
We spent some time searching the room. Carsys found a chest with some valuables in it, and Khord found a well-concealed box under a rug (which he is adamant about taking with him). After using a vial of acid to open the lock, we discovered a monocle, which, after some experimentation, we determined to be useable to detect magic, and with some effort, to determine what schools were affecting an item. While useful, I’m not sure how much more use it will be until we leave this place. Khord has fashioned a thong to hold it with, and wears it around his neck.

After setting up another barricade, we ventured further down into this lair. This level seems to be a little more finished than the one above. After walking down a hallway, Khord (I feel sorry for that poor man) managed to find another spike-filled pit, this one hidden with magic. We built a bridge out of one of the long benches, and managed to not hurt ourselves any more. Clearly, the leader here is an illusionist, and we were trained to take certain precautions against their particular brand of defenses. The first, and so far most useful, precaution is a coiled rope; when thrown down the hallway, it lets us see where pits lie and invisible walls are placed, as well as finding those passages which are concealed with illusion.

We managed to stumble onto two identical rooms, both filled with illusion, and fought off a set of devils and hideous humanoids. I have my doubts about the reality of those creatures, since they were identical both in composition, number, and(essentially) location.

Everything is coming together. Our informant who did not look like who he really was, Gideon’s disappearance, the fact that he’s branded, and the surprising organization of this band. We are fighting one of my own, and I’m certain he’s more seasoned than I am. I must suspect anything and everything that I am not entirely certain of, which includes our captive. For all I know, this woman we rescued is Gideon, leading us into a trap.

We discovered, after extensive searching, a carpeted room with coffins and a number of statues in it. Unsurprisingly, it was filled with pit traps, a favorite here. We finally managed to get across, and found an entrance to a natural cave, where we were attacked by some sort of hanging bat-beasts that attached to myself and another. Khord (who is continually surprising) GREW to many times his normal size and obliterated them! I wish he would trust us more; that man is dynamite, and he’s also an utter mystery.

Well, we are taking a rest now that we have found a relatively safe area. I am thinking about pressing the point of leaving our ‘rescued damsel’ behind, for everyone’s safety, including hers if she is actually what she claims to be.

Khord reveals himself
Khord's log

Khord’s Log.

Well, we did it. We defeated Grimbolt. We did lose Grishold in the process, but we obtained some very useful gear.

But first the battle. I seemed to barely get anyone’s attention, allowing me to swing away at these elite guards without remorse. They went down rather quickly. Due to Caryss powers, her entagling roots, we easily got grimbolt to drop his fearsome looking halbarid. He was beastly though, perhaps he was trained in a similar place like I was? For this was no meer Orc. He knew how to battle very well, his axe was very powerful, and he was equally skilled with it. I feared for the worst when I saw Trent fell. Once Grimbolt was slain, I tried to shove a healing potion we looted from the shaman as fast as I could. Soon after we cleared the battle field we rescued this human female. The others say she will be safer with us. Honestly I do not care, but the others do.

We explored his chamber room in depth. The rug on the ground would fetch a good price in a market. So as I was rolling up the massive carpet I discovered a hidden box. After we poured some acid on the lock, we found this golden monocle… well a human size monocle. I fashioned it up to some of my rope, I will get it adjusted better for a necklace when we get to town. Looking through it I discovered several different aura’s emanated from a lot of the gear on my fellow adventurers. Perhaps I shall tell them my secret, not many people have magical items anymore. Perhaps they will accept what I am verses trying to destroy me.
Trent confirmed what I thought the monocle was, it is a way to detect magic. I noticed several different auras swirling around my father’s sword. For a moment I remembered him , near death, slamming the sword into the ground. He then stood up, almost revitalized, and proceeded to fight on before he handed me the sword. I shall attempt to evoke that power out of the blade as well. We also found this jewel encrusted magical scabbard, since I am the only one with a blade, it took it to discover what it does. Though it will not fit my blade, I have heard rumors of magical items “changing” the size of themselves to accommodate the wielder. Perhaps it will adjust to sheath my massive blade?
After a long night of resting, I felt like I have remembered more of my father’s techniques. I will attempt to use those powers. We delved into the lower part of the cave… which seemed to be more like a furnished home. After a while of finding traps in the floor, and finding dead ends, we decided that the person who dwells here MUST be an illusionist. We found one side entrance that lead to these flying demonic creatures. Some of us were having a harder time striking them down than others, but here I shined. My blade sliced these beasts in twain.
The dungeon was also much taller than the caves, allowing me to stretch out and use more of my…. Abilities. We found a passageway with more of those flying demons, and some hideous looking humanoids. There was no clear shot to them, except by running on the walls. I channeled my mental powers and began walking on the walls, over Trent’s head, and landed between a few beasts, and sliced them both in half. It was nice finally being able to use some of my tricks like that.

Mental LOG Update
After that battle, there was yet another, then more running around in the maze lost. We eventually crossed our paths and took a new way that lead into an odd quicksand/carpet room. Past that we found more cave, but it was much more expansive. There are these coffins all over the room…. I noticed the room get suddenly dark for a moment. Maybe now its time to show my TRUE potential to the others….
(end of log)


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