Land of Suldaire

First Field Assignment (Marcus Lintonus)

Left the compound a few days ago. I’m looking forward to my first field action; I’m sure that all the training will serve well. It seems odd, though; Anaphon gave me very vague directions at best regarding direction, simply stating I should head South and recon with an associate of hers, one Gideon Thurvil. No other direction seemed forthcoming, so I can only assume said associate is aware of my trial and has pertinent information regarding it. Will acquire a horse and head South to meet him.

Arrived and met with Mr. Thurvil. Was mildly surprised to find a cleric(one Trent Valkior), a well-armed and armored individual (one Sharn), and one, well, Mot. It’s hard to draw conclusions about any of them at the current stage, other than a shared interest in Mr. Thurvil’s request. Trent is exceedingly devout, having only seen him praying, or, failing that, searching for a temple to pray in. Sharn is exceptionally quiet, but seems quite competent in the way he carries himself. Mot, on the other hand, is something else entirely. He seems to have no idea about social or personal boundaries, and also seems to completely unselfconscious to the point of exasperation. His demeanor seems to be one that is addled and that has no real experience with social interaction, but underneath it all I can almost sense an immense, if unorganized intellect working, taking everything in, and storing it for later use.

Spoke with Mr. Thurvil regarding his situation. It seems that orcs in unknown numbers are harassing the town here, stealing crops and generally terrorizing the townsfolk. It seems almost too easy, but one should never let overconfidence take control in a situation. Spoke with the town’s militia captain and the mayor regarding the activities. The lair is somewhat to the North, but reconnaissance ahs so far been futile, as every scout sent has not returned. Attacks are sporadic, but typically every 4-5 days. Taking stock of the situation, I felt it best to put the first foot forward in assuming command of the situation obliquely, acting as an advisor to install basic fortifications outside the palisade (fosses, porcupines, mantrap pits, tree snares etc.), as well as establishing an assault alley to better herd the brutes into a killing field, just outside the walls. With a little bit of pitch, some burning arrows, and at least one good marksman, those poor bastards won’t know what hit them, and we will have all the information we will need about their level of skill before assaulting them at their front.


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