Land of Suldaire

Unnerving Illusionists (Marcus)

Upon killing Grimbolt, our group managed to find itself one more person larger, with the hostage he was holding. I’m having my doubts as to this person though; more on this later.
We spent some time searching the room. Carsys found a chest with some valuables in it, and Khord found a well-concealed box under a rug (which he is adamant about taking with him). After using a vial of acid to open the lock, we discovered a monocle, which, after some experimentation, we determined to be useable to detect magic, and with some effort, to determine what schools were affecting an item. While useful, I’m not sure how much more use it will be until we leave this place. Khord has fashioned a thong to hold it with, and wears it around his neck.

After setting up another barricade, we ventured further down into this lair. This level seems to be a little more finished than the one above. After walking down a hallway, Khord (I feel sorry for that poor man) managed to find another spike-filled pit, this one hidden with magic. We built a bridge out of one of the long benches, and managed to not hurt ourselves any more. Clearly, the leader here is an illusionist, and we were trained to take certain precautions against their particular brand of defenses. The first, and so far most useful, precaution is a coiled rope; when thrown down the hallway, it lets us see where pits lie and invisible walls are placed, as well as finding those passages which are concealed with illusion.

We managed to stumble onto two identical rooms, both filled with illusion, and fought off a set of devils and hideous humanoids. I have my doubts about the reality of those creatures, since they were identical both in composition, number, and(essentially) location.

Everything is coming together. Our informant who did not look like who he really was, Gideon’s disappearance, the fact that he’s branded, and the surprising organization of this band. We are fighting one of my own, and I’m certain he’s more seasoned than I am. I must suspect anything and everything that I am not entirely certain of, which includes our captive. For all I know, this woman we rescued is Gideon, leading us into a trap.

We discovered, after extensive searching, a carpeted room with coffins and a number of statues in it. Unsurprisingly, it was filled with pit traps, a favorite here. We finally managed to get across, and found an entrance to a natural cave, where we were attacked by some sort of hanging bat-beasts that attached to myself and another. Khord (who is continually surprising) GREW to many times his normal size and obliterated them! I wish he would trust us more; that man is dynamite, and he’s also an utter mystery.

Well, we are taking a rest now that we have found a relatively safe area. I am thinking about pressing the point of leaving our ‘rescued damsel’ behind, for everyone’s safety, including hers if she is actually what she claims to be.


EternalShadow EternalShadow

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