Land of Suldaire

Trust, not easily earned (Carsys)

While adventuring with this group of…Misfits, I have come to trust them. The Cleric I tend to trust more, if only for his connection to his God. He shares similar beliefs as I have. The others are more; interesting. Khord and I discussed where we come from, we learned a lot about him today. He was apparently created or bred for a singular purpose…Battle. While I must say he handles his sword well. I fear his upbringing has lead him down a dangerous path. He fails to see that he was created by the Gods. Like all living things.

All things considered, I think I can trust him. we may not see eye to on on things Divine, but he hasn’t turned his blade to me and that earns my respect. On another note, we openly questioned the woman and even discerned she is not magical she has no magic with her and the Cleric did not sense any evil intent about her. At this point my mind is put at ease in respect to her. I just hope we can get out of this cave soon so I can see the stars again and rest in a bed of leaves under a great tree. I would like to smell the sweet scent of the forest once again. This Orc filth is getting to me.

Getting out of this cave will be good for Midnight too, he and I could run together. Maybe hunt a deer together. I am sure he is longing for some fresh meat. It will be good to be out of here once again.


EternalShadow EternalShadow

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