Land of Suldaire

Pillage and Plunder

After defeating Hadeon we explored our way into a cave with two rooms. I found an invisible key chain, why it is permanently invisible was not apparent until we discovered at least one door it went to. In addition to this, Khord finally got some new clothes and we found some interesting trinkets and magic items. Amongst a whole room full of other mundane items and coin.

(listed is what we found, If I missed something Khord please feel free to post in addition to this.)
Found torn up letters
Wooden Rod with word “Ixnir lo”
42 gold
Wand of something
Permanant invible keyring.
Pile of leather
Light Shield with lion
2 pearl laden daggers magic
Leather Armor magic
Green carved figurine (owl)
two rods leather wrapped one red one yellow
Holy Symbol Necklace (Trent)
Spiked Gauntlet
Silver Arrows 10
Chain Shirt
22 normal arrows
1311 copper
273 silver
146 gold
Masterwork Falchion, black.
Gnarly Boots
Silver Lamp
Plundered stuff to return to towns people.

Finally we got out of this cave, Khord was beginning to smell really bad. We traveled a ways to a river to make camp. While foraging Caidren mentioned he saw some Ranger signals indicating they needed him or some such. We will guide him to town, but I fear soon enough he will be off with his Kin.


(loot looks correct)

Pillage and Plunder
EternalShadow Truwen

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