Land of Suldaire

_Narrator's Log_

Hadeon's defeat

The party stands staring at the blood-spattered patch of floor where the Illusionist known as Hadeon was recently lying. Sharn adjusts his armor uncomfortably; Caidren jams his crossbow to the ground in temper, then starts reloading it out of ingrained habit. Around you the corpses of the summoned demons crumble to ash; those that fled lose their tie to this plane and burst into blue flame, thrashing and screaming. Around you, various illusions begin fading away: the tile floor in the western passage you came in from fades to rough stone, the elaborate table setting fading to a simple wooden plank.
The large chamber you are currently in seems to have fewer illusions than elsewhere on this level – the towering columns and tall stand lamps appear to be real, as are the floor tiles and the raised parquet dais (though perhaps some illusory embellishments were made). You also notice a 10’ wide passage in the north-east corner of the chamber, winding northward with irregular bends.

Trent: looks around tensely for a few moments, then seems to relax some.
“Anyone see where he went?”
Carsys: looks around curiously as the illusions begin to fade.
“He just disappeared! What was his purpose to all of this?” She asks aloud to her companions. As she speaks, eyeing the dissipating illusions, she walks to Midnight and gives him a big hug around the neck. “I am glad for you little one, you fought well. Soon we can hunt together and find you a large boar or an elk. I know you must be longing for some fresh meat." After a short look around the room (not moving from midnight) she asks him, "Do you smell him still, little one?”
Khord: jogs over to the group, shrinking down in size.
“Oh he disappeared, darn. I was hopping to pay him back for making me blind. Oh well. Perhaps one of you magic folk check out where that portal was?”
After glancing around for a moment, Khord moves towards the passage to the north-east, trying and failing to be stealthy.
Carsys: “Come Midnight.” Carsys gently says to Midnight as she moves toward the center of the room. “I do not know much about Arcane magic, but I will attempt to discern this area”.
She examines the stone dais in the center of the room for a few moments then speaks softly to Midnight who trots over to the new passage where Khord is investigating.
“I think it is time to examine these bone disks” she says as she glances toward Khord motioning to his scabbard, “I am attempting read magic on this parchment and these disks, if you don’t mind I would like to take a closer look at your scabbard.”
Khord: takes off his pack and unties the rug from it. He unrolls it and throws the scarbard at Carsys as quickly as he can.
“That thing is cursed. I dont like it.” He also undoes the monocle from around his neck and tosses it to Carsys as well, “Here, this could help you focus some.”
Sharn:Cracks his neck and stretches, then winces. Unfastening some plates on his armor, he limps over to Trent, asking for some assistance in bandaging the many slashes, bite marks and burns across his body.
Caidren: “Well, I’ll not be sad to put this festering place behind me”.
Slamming a set of bolts home into his crossbow, Fain ratchets up the tension and shoulders the weapon, darting after Khord up the northern passage.

While Midnight stands guard at the entrance, Khord and Caidren move up the passage to the north, quickly disappearing into the shadows. Trent takes a moment to help Sharn with bandaging his wounds, then follows the others down the passage.

Carsys: She and Midnight pursue the party up the passageway. As Carsys moves with midnight she straps the scabbard to her back in hopes to later learn the language and inscription on the clasp of the scabbard while at the same time putting the pouch of necromantic bones away.
“I can only assume these are evil in nature so I will not experiment further with them.”
She then quietly takes her position beside Midnight in pursuit of the rest of the party.
Khord: holds up his hand.
“stop guys… we got two… interesting doors up ahead. Perhaps Caidren would be better suited for this. I am not going to bust down these doors.”
Carsys: When Carsys sees the command to stop she silently commands her companion to stop by her side and stay on guard. “What is it?” She asks, as she listens to the conversation. “We could always knock and see if anyone is home. It is just a thought of curtousy.” She giggles quietly.
Caidren: slips quietly up the passage, after making sure the female is safely installed between Trent and the rest of the party. Slipping through the rest of the party the way he slips through a wooded valley, he arrives at the front of the party before it even registers with some of them. “So what do you think I can do about these doors?”

The northern passage is 10’ wide rough stone and is unlit, unlike the large chamber you were just in. As the darkness closes around you, Trent’s holy symbol begins glowing brightly illuminating the passage around you. There are doors on either side of you, the passage continues further on and seems to slope upwards.
The left-hand door looks sturdy: thick iron-strapped wood and a complex-looking lock built into the door under the handle. The right hand door looks lighter, however where a knob or handle would normally be is attached a metal hand with fingers outstretched.

Khord: points to the two doors “Well Caidren, you seem to be better with mechanics than I am.”
Carsys: motions Midnight to take a defensive position beside her “Midnight and I will take guard behind you two” She grins mischievously. “Go, knock on the door!” Carsys says, as she points to the sturdier looking door. “If we have to fight it would be best we surprise them and be ready.” She unclasps her Cudgel and gets ready for a battle.
Caidren mutters about never claiming great aptitude with mechanics. However he shrugs, hitches his crossbow on his shoulder, steps forward and knocks decisively on the sturdier door.

Nothing happens.

Caidren: “Maybe nobody’s home?”


Carsys looks around curiously as the illusions begin to fade. “We must find Hadeon! What was his purpose to all of this?” She asks aloud to her companions. As she speaks, eyeing the illusions, she walks to her companion Midnight and pats him behind the ear and gives him a big hug around the neck. “I am glad for you little one, you fought well. Soon we can hunt together and find you a large boar or an elk. I know you must be longing for some fresh meat.”

As Carsys speaks to her companion and friend she looks around the room for anything the Illusionist may have left behind.

_Narrator's Log_
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