Land of Suldaire

Getting tired of this place

Khord's Mental log

Well i did it. I finally told the group what I am and how I came into being. Marcus seems to be the most interested, though being a well learned magewarrior, I dont blame him. I had more of an issue with our female companion than most anyone else. She believes that we are all the products of gods. But what of the vile orcs she wants to slew, what of the evil creatures of the world? Gods must have created those too. As I told her, I do not want any part of the gods, I have seen what creatures like me can do. I will refuse to see any more like me forced into that role again……

On another note, I am beginning to reak, being locked up for a few days in that cell, slewing orcs, and now almost being eaten by a few odd slimy creatures…. I hope the town has some sort of bath house.

That scabbard I found… I do not trust. I tempted to reach for my blade in battle, and all I drew was the scabbard. Perhaps the town’s mage, if they have one, would know more of what this thing does. Until then, it will stay within that carpet I am hauling around.

I know the others want to keep this Illusionist alive, but I am getting close to my last nerve…. I dont think that this creature needs a foot or a hand… perhaps a leg……


EternalShadow Istoaufrien

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