Land of Suldaire

Goals and Ambitions.

As Carsys sits against a pedestal in the room gently petting Midnight behind the ear humming a tune to him she writes

This is the second time I have written today. I am contemplating my future and the future with these companions of mine. Midnight seems to enjoy their company. However, he doesn’t like the idea of being BATHED! I recall one of the boys mentioning a bath.

I am planning on staying with these gentlemen for a long as the can use me. I don’t want that to get in the way of my goals though. Before I met these guys I heard stories of some of the wildlife population dwindling down. I fear poachers are about, but it may be something more sinister than that. I must take the time and find out who or what is causing the local wildlife to go missing without a trace.

Maybe Caidren will know something about this area and the missing wildlife. I will have to ask him some time. Perhaps he would be willing to help me, I know the others aren’t as attuned to nature as he and I, so I won’t bring it up to them until I am certain.

At any rate, I should get back with my companions and maybe find some clue as to what Hadeon was up to.


Midnight and I need to do some hunting when we are able to get out of this dreadful cave. He needs some fresh meat and I need some fresh food as well. So it will be nice to get out into the nice breeze of the night wood and hunt again. I plan on enjoying our next hunt together.

Goals and Ambitions.
EternalShadow Truwen

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