Land of Suldaire

Freedom for the orcs, village, and myself

Ahhhh, it feels good to finally be free. Now that I am not bound to help these people, I can go find out who/what is after me and who killed my father. But these fellow warriors are very strong, I will stay with them. Perhaps one day we will find out whats going on.

Also, being bathed and getting out of those torn clothes is a great relief. I did not realize the condition of my gear until I took it off. It seems that the bulkyness of the current armor is getting to me. Perhaps I can get the town smithy to break it down into a more free and easy flowing gear. And…. well….. I did steal these clothes from Hadeon…. but they are a tad loud for my tastes. I wont be able to exactly blend in anyway. Perhaps it will grow on me.

Back to Hadeon… Somehow that bastard escaped, but at least slewing his beasts has seemed to let my powers grow even more. I am tapping more into my mind, and my strength is growing. And I have discovered a hidden ability within my fathers blade. What else did you put into it father? I may have to search out another one of our kind to expand my own powers, and its.


EternalShadow Istoaufrien

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