Land of Suldaire

Encounter of the Illusionist

We encountered the illusionist tonight. I can’t say I am too thrilled with the outcome of of the amount of time it took to hunt him down. He escaped right before our eyes. I can’t say that I have ever seen anything like it. My master taught me about Teleportation magics, but never have I encountered any.

I believe he Teleported away because he weas not there, no form no mass nothing. I have seen him disappear before, but now I am convinced that was just him playing tricks on our minds.

One day we will find him and serve justice for what he has done. I think I will stay with this group after we leave the cave. While I have not been with them for very long. I do believe I can trust them. Caidren is a kindred spirit and I think I can trust him. Khord, makes me laugh he is a big brute and some day he will charge on command. I can’t wait.

The others I am not sure about, but I have a deep respect for The Cleric, Trent. He and I share a similar connection to our Gods. And as such I can feel his power when he focuses it through his Holy Symbol.

It turns out this place was full of this Mad mans illusions. But they did not fool me. Midnight on the other hand is a different story. Poor pup, he thought he could just steal a chicken off that table. Unfortunately for Khord ( if memory serves) was fooled into believing a Multi-Eyed creature was attacking us. I had to “Fix” his perception with a nice, albeit, gentle smack to the head.

I think he finally got the picture as the little boy did not fool him one bit. And, I am pleased to say, Midnight was less than fooled too! Good boy!

At any rate, I hope we can find this Illusionist again, he has some questions to answer and, more importantly Midnight wants a piece of him!

I will write later.


EternalShadow Truwen

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