Land of Suldaire

Khord reveals himself

Khord's log

Khord’s Log.

Well, we did it. We defeated Grimbolt. We did lose Grishold in the process, but we obtained some very useful gear.

But first the battle. I seemed to barely get anyone’s attention, allowing me to swing away at these elite guards without remorse. They went down rather quickly. Due to Caryss powers, her entagling roots, we easily got grimbolt to drop his fearsome looking halbarid. He was beastly though, perhaps he was trained in a similar place like I was? For this was no meer Orc. He knew how to battle very well, his axe was very powerful, and he was equally skilled with it. I feared for the worst when I saw Trent fell. Once Grimbolt was slain, I tried to shove a healing potion we looted from the shaman as fast as I could. Soon after we cleared the battle field we rescued this human female. The others say she will be safer with us. Honestly I do not care, but the others do.

We explored his chamber room in depth. The rug on the ground would fetch a good price in a market. So as I was rolling up the massive carpet I discovered a hidden box. After we poured some acid on the lock, we found this golden monocle… well a human size monocle. I fashioned it up to some of my rope, I will get it adjusted better for a necklace when we get to town. Looking through it I discovered several different aura’s emanated from a lot of the gear on my fellow adventurers. Perhaps I shall tell them my secret, not many people have magical items anymore. Perhaps they will accept what I am verses trying to destroy me.
Trent confirmed what I thought the monocle was, it is a way to detect magic. I noticed several different auras swirling around my father’s sword. For a moment I remembered him , near death, slamming the sword into the ground. He then stood up, almost revitalized, and proceeded to fight on before he handed me the sword. I shall attempt to evoke that power out of the blade as well. We also found this jewel encrusted magical scabbard, since I am the only one with a blade, it took it to discover what it does. Though it will not fit my blade, I have heard rumors of magical items “changing” the size of themselves to accommodate the wielder. Perhaps it will adjust to sheath my massive blade?
After a long night of resting, I felt like I have remembered more of my father’s techniques. I will attempt to use those powers. We delved into the lower part of the cave… which seemed to be more like a furnished home. After a while of finding traps in the floor, and finding dead ends, we decided that the person who dwells here MUST be an illusionist. We found one side entrance that lead to these flying demonic creatures. Some of us were having a harder time striking them down than others, but here I shined. My blade sliced these beasts in twain.
The dungeon was also much taller than the caves, allowing me to stretch out and use more of my…. Abilities. We found a passageway with more of those flying demons, and some hideous looking humanoids. There was no clear shot to them, except by running on the walls. I channeled my mental powers and began walking on the walls, over Trent’s head, and landed between a few beasts, and sliced them both in half. It was nice finally being able to use some of my tricks like that.

Mental LOG Update
After that battle, there was yet another, then more running around in the maze lost. We eventually crossed our paths and took a new way that lead into an odd quicksand/carpet room. Past that we found more cave, but it was much more expansive. There are these coffins all over the room…. I noticed the room get suddenly dark for a moment. Maybe now its time to show my TRUE potential to the others….
(end of log)


EternalShadow EternalShadow

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