Land of Suldaire

A Night in the Chaos (Trent)

Dear Gavin,
We’ve taken a break, so I thought I’d write a quick note, incase I die down here. This place is a maze, created by a chaotic and evil mind. I thought the orc caverns above were bad, but seriously, the half-orc who seems to be in charge as even my mind going in circles. We’ve managed to navigate most of his maze, and hopefully we are on the right track to finally find him. I don’t believe he has escaped us, but being a master of illusion, who knows.

We have managed to rescue a young woman from the clutches of the orc chief and she is with us now. Certain members of the party don’t trust her, thinking she is a plant by our nemesis, or even our nemesis in disguise. Very absurd. I am surprised Sharn, our paladin hasn’t stepped forward to say he senses no evil (or does sense evil) in her. I personally don’t think she is who they think she is, however should they attempt to leave her behind tomorrow, or worse I may have to step in and use a little subterfuge to allay their fears.

Have no fear, I am not slipping back into my ways of the past. At least not yet. In the meantime, they mean well, and I do trust them, and hope I have earned their trust. I hope on our rising we can find the deceiver who’s illusions and demons haunt these corridors. Then, perhaps we can send the orcs packing to a new area, and return this area to safety.
I will write more later, and hope that with the dawn, the Morning Lord will provide a means of proving this young lady’s innocence so we can get back to the task we came to do.

Trent Valikor


EternalShadow EternalShadow

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