Welcome to the Land of Suldaire

Following the magical wars that ravaged the world a half century ago, monsters and twisted creatures have been spotted roaming the countryside with more and more frequency. These are dark and dangerous times where decent folk stay close to their villages and behind sturdy walls.
A great many spell casters lost their lives during and shortly after the magical wars. Some blamed arcane practitioners for the devastation and hunted them down. Magical blood has dwindled, and while a magic-user might be greeted by awe and wonder instead of fear or aggression, fewer and fewer are born with the talent these days. The priesthoods, though never blamed for the catastrophe, have seen a decline in divine inspiration: those remaining of true power are reaching old age. The art of crafting magical items has also dwindled to obscurity, and those enchanted relics still hiding in attics and strongboxes seem strangely reluctant to reveal their powers. Gone are the days when feathers and pearl dust could unlock countless secrets unknown…

My goals as GM:

  1. Everyone has fun
  2. Game balance
  3. Realism & immersion in the story
  4. Mystery of the unknown

Game Tweaks & House Rules

I plan to implement a number of changes and house rules to the basic 3.5e rule set.
All of these more or less fit into the goals above: to make the game more fun, more balanced, more realistic or more mysterious.
If we as a group find that some of the rules are getting in the way of having fun (most important goal!) then we can get rid of them. That being said, please keep an open mind!
A quick note about mystery: I find that having secrets heightens the game a great deal. If you want to keep parts of your character hidden from the rest of the players that’s no problem! Just send me your character sheet,background or journal entries by PM.
More on this in Rules Tweaks

Player expectations:

  • Role playing is highly encouraged.
    This doesn’t mean the campaign will be all talky-talky and no fighty-fighty but the more you can “get into your character’s head” the better. Develop a clear picture in your head of who your character is, what they look like and how they act, then tell us! Be as descriptive as possible (there will be RP Rewards!)
  • Backgrounds.
    As part of Character Creation I would like everyone to come up with a good background for your character. You do not need to write a book, but I have specific questions I would like you to answer with it and more detail is always good. More on this in Character Creation.
  • Journal.
    This is not strictly required, but I encourage you write a short piece after each gaming session. This lets us see the game from others’ perspective, lets me know how I am doing as GM, and usually weaves together into a really great story later on!
    More info in Journals
  • Schedule.
    Try to be realistic about your schedule and when you can make gaming sessions. If a day or time is not going to work out its best if we know about it up front. Also RL stuff happens, just try to give us as much notice as you can.
  • Have fun!

Land of Suldaire

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